For decades, different generations of master confectioners have passed through our workshop, passing on the artisan formulas and know-how that give Rialto products their quality and renown.

But if there is one speciality that distinguishes this house for its exquisiteness and exclusivity, it is its famous Moscovitas®. These fine marcona almond and chocolate-coated pastries have been made by Rialto confectionery for almost 100 years, always using the highest quality raw materials and preserving the original, totally handmade production process, which is the main reason for their great success.

Such is the success of Moscovitas® that in recent years we have added new varieties of dark and white chocolate to our catalogue, as well as other products such as Moscovitas® “turrón” or nougat, artisan chocolate and ice cream.

MOSCOVITAS® is a registered trademark and formula.


Confectionery Rialto produces a large number of homemade specialities, such as mille-feuille or “milhojas”, small marzipan sweets  called “princesitas”, imperial sponge cake, a wide variety of special cakes, tea biscuits and a large assortment of cakes. Not forgetting Christmas sweets (marzipan, glorias, eels of marzipan, Christmas shortbreads “polvorones”, nougat and the traditional ring-sahped King’s cake or “roscón de Reyes”).

In addition to our famous MOSCOVITAS®, special mention should be made of “Carbayón”, one of the most classic specialities of Asturian confectionery, which has become the most typical cake in the city of Oviedo.


Due to the growing demand for Moscovitas®, in 2010, we built a confectionery workshop in the Argame Business Park, dedicated exclusively to the production of this product. Here we have the latest innovations in foodstuffs and we comply with the most demanding health and hygiene standards, while maintaining the essence of craftsmanship, which is the key to our success.

We are committed to totally artisan confectionery: each moscovita is made one by one by our master confectioners, always using 100% natural raw materials.

For further more information, please visit Chocolates del Principado website.


We are a socially responsible company and we try to contribute, as far as possible, to the improvement of our immediate socio-economic environment.

We firmly believe in equal opportunities and we fight against discrimination. We have a Harassment Protocol in place for the early detection and reporting of any situation that may threaten the dignity of the people who make up our team.

We also collaborate actively with public and private institutions (Adansi, Down Asturias, etc.) in programmes for access to employment and we have a large team in which diversity is one of its values, together with professionalism.

Aware that energy resources are limited, we are firmly committed to energy efficiency, having achieved that a large part of our consumption comes from photovoltaic energy generated by the solar panels installed in our workshop.

Last but not least, as part of the food industry, Health is one of our greatest concerns. For this reason, we make 100% natural products, always with raw materials of the highest quality and we also promote healthy lifestyles, sponsoring numerous events and sports clubs.

In Oviedo we have two points of sale of our own. The emblematic Confitería Rialto, located at Calle San Francisco, 12, a stone’s throw from the Cathedral, and another small shop at Bermúdez de Castro, 2.
For some years now, we have also been present in Madrid, with our own shop in Calle Núñez de Balboa, 86, in the exclusive Salamanca district.









    San Francisco, 12 

    Tel: +34 985 21 21 64

    Bermúdez de Castro, 2

    Tel: +34 985 29 40 27 


    Núñez de Balboa, 86

    Tel: +34 914 263 777

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