Box of 6 Carbayones

18,60  IVA incluido



Discover the new Carbayones box, with which Confitería Rialto wants to pay its small tribute to Asturian art and literature. Thanks to the collaboration with the artists Toño Velasco and Manolo D. Abad, our emblematic cake is now presented in a box that is, in itself, a work of art.

Box containing 6 Carbayones. Approximate weight per unit: 90 g.

This is one of the most classic specialities of Asturian confectionery, dating back to the beginning of the last century. Over time, it has become the most typical cake in the city of Oviedo. It is made from a flaky pastry base filled with a creamy almond dough with a final coating of egg yolk and sugar.


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