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For decades, many generations of master confectioners have passed through the Rialto workshop.

Who have been passing down the artisan formulas and  know-how that give you the quality

and the reputation of the Rialto products.

But if there is a specialty that is different from home, and that cannot be missed, by its delicacy and exclusivity in none of its special moments, these are their famous Moscovitas®. These fine Marcona almond biscuits and chocolate covering are being developed by the Confitería Rialto maintaining during all these years the same raw materials of supreme quality, as well as the process of developing original (artisan way of being made one by one), these being the main causes of its great success.

The confectionery and tea lounge on Calle San Francisco, in the heart of Oviedo, has joined, since a few years ago, an office located on Calle Núñez de Balboa, 86 de Madrid, in the exclusive neighbourhood of Salamanca. In this new store, Rialto this making known their most recognised specialties, among which, undoubtedly, are its original Moscovitas®.